“Why do you keep looking behind you?”
“Sorry. Just always aware of my surroundings. Situational awareness. I’m a little paranoid I guess.”
“Were you in the military?”
“Yes. But no. Active duty was rough, but that’s not it.”
“Why? What makes you so nervous?”
“I escaped.”
“From where?”
“I can’t, … Only someone who’s been through it and escaped would understand.”
“These sessions are private. I’m not here to judge. Just to listen. You’re paying the bill. Remember? You’re the boss.”
“The Lobby. They call it the Backrooms.”
“The urban legend? They make books and games and movies about it.”
“Some of them are accurate.”
There was a pause.
“Our time it up for today. I hope you will tell me more. I’m here to listen.”
“Thank you.”