It Keeps Smiling

I’ve been here since Tuesday. These yellow walls. The moist, smelly carpets. The endless halls.

I woke up here. You know that weird falling sensation that wakes you up in the middle of the night, then you realize you’re in bed, so go back to sleep?

I had that.

I woke up here in this old empty office with no windows, and a buzzing sound from the lights.

I wandered barefoot forever. This seemed like a dream, but no…

Then I felt something following me. I’d hear muffled squelching sounds from it walking on the damp carpet, occasionally. I drew nearer, finally it caught up.

I collapsed on the floor and crawled away from it. I looked human, but no face. Just a too large toothy grin. Too many teeth.

When I paused, it paused. When I moved, it drew closer.

I can’t move, or it will close the gap. And, then what?

I’m stuck staring at its empty face, and broad toothy smile.