Chat the Backrooms

Don’t trust the entity wearing the yellow suit.

Sophia’s head jerked up from her phone. She spun around, expecting someone in a yellow suit. Only empty yellow hallways greeted her.

Who? No one’s here. She pressed send.

No response. The sender, Unknown, ignored her again.

Low battery.

“Not the message I needed right now,” Sophia mumbled.

Turn left at the dripping pipe.

“What does that even mean?”

Sophia listened to the loud buzz of the fluorescent lights. She smelled the rotting, moist carpet, then heard a faint drip in the distance.

She moved toward the drip, and soon turned left. In front of her was a man in a yellow suit. He faced away from her, … motionless. Her phone buzzed, again.

DANGER!!! Wait for the lights to flicker three times, then proceed. Three times, only.

Sophia held her breath, staring at the back of the man’s head.

The lights flickered.

Maybe this man could help.

The lights flickered.

Maybe Unknown had a kidnapper van waiting at the exit.

Was that another flicker?

Sophia walked slowly by the man, just within arms reach. The yellow hallway wouldn’t allow her any more distance.

The lights flickered.

The phone buzzed.